Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paper Dolls In My Books

Thank you, the paper-doll-collecting reader who asked for them. If you go to Indyplanet, these are the issues with paper dolls in them:

Desert Peach #8 Rosen (Reprint inside back).

Desert Peach #16 Chaplain Stange (Reprint behind main story)

Desert Peach #17 Peach and Udo FULL COLOR (Reprint inside front and inside back) AND Barb Rausch's Udo-and-Falila paper dolls on every single story page, including the two of them in their adorable all-to-gethers.

Stinz #18 Baronin FULL COLOR (Reprint outside back)

Stinz #19 Kilan FULL COLOR (Reprint outside back)

There's a paper coll of Udo somewhere, but I dunno if it's in one of the reprints. I searched through all the reprints, but I may not have put it into any of the books.

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