Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 Emerald City Comicon report

I'm going to be adding to this report as the weekend goes on. Mostly it's just copying from caffeinating on Facebook. There WILL be more!

First, the Drink N Draw. Yes, I'll try to find everybody's names. I'd just driven in from Clallam Bay and finished the first set-up in the Prism Booth, and then spent all afternoon promoting the Clallam Bay Comicon. Bluebear evidently feels right at home lying on everybody's art.

It's not a con until We've had Our Margarita
Prism Comic's Zan balances BlueBear.
At the GayGeek party at the Raygun Club, Friday night, I vowed to have ONE drink. Hard cider. But when the barkeep hears you're the author of "The Desert Peach" and whoops, "YEAH, I'm buying!" you have another. Did I mention the mead tasting?

BlueBear Attack! That's what you get for 
passing mead out to everybody.
On the one hand, Miss Cheap Date has to work through a bit of a hangover this morning. On the other hand, one does not hesitate with bus connections. I was the Queen of the Seattle Bus-hops last night... What? I wouldn't have gone partying, if I had to be at the Prism Booth any earlier than 2:30 (#1214). It let me meet or re-attach with a great bunch of people. Now who's up for R-Place tonight? :D

On the left? Yes, that IS
 the author of Capital Hillbillies
The Ka-Blam tshirt!
Saturday! Of COURSE I'm wearing my Ka-Blam tshirt in the Prism booth. Maybe BlueBear needs his own little Ka-Blam get-up?

Dude came up to me, in a costume about an alternate world, said it was a "matriarchy, where the men are all chattels." Really? REALLY? Do you want to know why we roll our eyes at you? No, we would not capture you and fulfill your servant fantasies - you are all too high maintenance! We would tell you to get the hell out of the way. As in: "Hey! Put your damn warpaint and spears on, then meet that other tribe's warriors on that hill over there. We're trying to make clothes and feed the kids, here." Well, d'uh.

Friend from Facebook!
Some more wonderful folks came up to say hi, and pose with His Bearness. 

Yes, I sold mass books, and made new friends and fans, and hung out with NASA. They now have the "Science Hag" bumper sticker you can get at the Zazzle link at the bottom of this page. It was done in their honor, and now NASA has confusing bumper-stickers, too.

They had a big booth in the lobby, along with the Lego® exhibit, and they were punching holes in chocolate and launching foot-rockets and generally having too much fun with science. Then they went strutting down to see Patrick Stewart, bringing their own astronaut, and their whole attitude was, "WE got a REAL one!" It was pretty funny.

A partner of the good friend,
 who used to call himself "The Irish Nazi."
After the convention, Roberta Gregory and I went off to the Grill on Broadway in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, to do Karaoke with Jonathan Jones, professional Karaoke dude. She took on "Aqualung." I did all right with "Radar Love." But - I was pushing it when I thought I could try "Blue Savannah" and "Psycho Killer." Well-drinks or not.

Anyway, back home, getting ready for the Clallam Bay Comicon. Um.... I might have oversold this thing.... If we don't watch it, we may have Darth Vader playing the bagpipe on stilts invading a small rural town.


Ted Henkle said...

I should have known you'd be at ECCC. I'm sorry I missed you! (We originally met at a graphic novel workshop during a PNWA Conference a few years ago). Best wishes to you!

Donna Barr said...

Yes, I always try to make it to Emerald City - and hang out at the Prism Table. If I'm not there, I'll leave a contact point! And I la-de-da'd along and forgot to get my pro badge last year, so wasn't listed. However, there's still a con with me at it this year - the Clallam Bay Comicon, with links on this page.