Thursday, April 16, 2009

The FULL Desert Peach Collection

WHEW! It took two years of scanning, cleaning, proofing, layout and upload -- but the COMPLETE two-volume Desert Peach collection is now available in print at the Little Store (look in the links column for this blog).

It's done in trade size, because otherwise the upload size and costs would have been prohibitive. When you order it, be prepared for a couple of books you could hit somebody with.

To see the pages as though at full size, check out the Desert Peach Webcomic. We need comments for the letters page of the new print versions at the store on the same site. Your drawings and general nuttiness about the Peach very very welcome for upcoming issues. Add the comments on the site, send the drawings or photos to me at donnabarr01 at gmail dot com.

I will probably offer it to Diamond, just to let everybody know they can get it, but any retailer or reader can just go to the Lulu site, if they prefer. If you're a retailer, order it for your customers and just add a couple of bucks for your time, trouble, or whatever you think you need for a bit of profit, but keep it down for your people. Customers, support your store by ordering through the retailer -- and I'll send you a signed bookplate for each copy.

Full pdf downloads are also available on the Lulu site. Retailers -- download both of them and have a projection party at your store!

I've already set my rates, so I'm getting paid about the same, no matter how you order it. Enjoy!

Now on to the Stinz books..... Oy.

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