Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Killing the Grizzly

Neat things going on with my work and that of a number of other comics authors: http://www.killingthegrizzly.com/the-desert-peach-by-donna-barr/

I'm letting these guys do what they do best -- promotion and finding the money. I'm hoping to be able to be getting out of the processing of my work and the marketing yada yada and back to actually concentrating on writing and drawing.

I plan to take all the files I've processed and sending DVD copies to the San Diego State University Collection of my work. Then, any publisher who wants a copy can be directed there, and for whatever fees SDSU requires, obtain a copy of the files for future processing, after coming to contractual agreements with me.  It can be hands off for me: I can turn over all my original art and let them begin to sell it.

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