Monday, September 27, 2010

My Trade School -- The Truth

To tell the truth, I dunno if the Trade School would ever work; like it says, I can promise nothing afterwards.  All I can help people do is develop as authors and artists and put them on the right path.

As for teaching time -- it's really about making the students do all the work, and making them think.  Tweaking the sails, so to speak.  For those who want to be turned into clones, I'm of no help -- and for those who don't, I may not be necessary.

So nothing may come of it -- but I could promise a good return if someone wanted to take it on.

My REAL trade school goes like this:

Writing and drawing:  Don't copy -- go out and draw stuff and experience things! You have 10,000 bad drawings/pages in you.  Do 'em and burn 'em (or share 'em in Sketches at

Materials: ( when you want to do gallery work)

Programs:  Art:  GIMP  Layout:  OpenOffice  Files:  Irfanview (PC) Automator (Mac)


Internship:  spend a full weekend at San Diego Comicon, scamming interviews with working people in the entertainment and media industry (BUY THEM LUNCH).

Welp, that's it.  That's my whole trade school, the awful truth.  I just put myself out of work.

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