Friday, April 1, 2011

Price -- Many thanks to our good neighbors

I need to thank a neighbor for allowing me to talk her out of a couple of pounds of fresh local meat for Price. 
The vet said he needed protein, and this was the most high-quality protein I could think of, and the closest to mice; a mouse is to the antelope family what the rock hyrax is to the elephant: the closest living relative.  Closest  to the natural diet without setting mousetraps (then again, I think the maple tree having 81% of the same DNA I have is very close and very cool).

We've been feeding Price a 1/2-mouse-load of ground flesh an hour, following it with enough of his dry food to bind up the fat in his digestive system so it doesn't give him runny bowels.

Price has laid on a layer of flesh, and his fur is soft and gleaming.  He's still thin, but he's not scary desperate thin.

Price's recovery is very much due in large part to their priceless generosity.

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