Saturday, June 25, 2011

Price's 1st wheelchair design -- and oops.

Okay, here's the first attempt at building Price a wheelchair.  I are sometimes all thumbs.

The original wheelchair design, with many markings and fiddlings.  Thank you, Maggie, at the Forks Ace hardware.
Um... ta da?  That doesn't look right.

Up and pushing around (complaining).
Oops. Back to the drawing board.
Well, after some more research and gathering of parts on the beach and at the Lion's Club rummage sale, I may be ready to have a go at it tomorrow.  At least Price was willing to move it around when I tried it on him.
We've pretty well accept that, after the heavy gut operation (and gods knows what possible growths may be advancing), that he's finally fading from us. He's sixteen, and had a good life.  We're going to keep trying to make his life happy.

We're lucky the weather has finally turned lovely, and we can sit out in the yard with him.  He's a basically tough, happy cat, and we'll do what we can for him.  He only wants fish now, and I'll either get it off the beach, in cans, or finagle a head and/or backbone from Ric the fish guy.

When I die, I want to come back as one of my cats.


Leanne Franson said...

yup, you want the wheels to be quite big, so 1 they won't tip over and 2, they can go over obstacles and turn easily. Some lightweight wheels, just two of them. Think a surrey, but not holding up a driver, holding up the cat's rear end. :) You might be able to riff off of this, using bent coathangers, aluminum tubing etc, with some padding on it... Best of luck! The good thing is he doesn't weigh 120 lbs like my dog did (I couldn't pick her up if she wouldn't stand!)

Tinstaafl55 said...

"Come back as one of my cats" Don't know how many time I've heard that from my wife...

Had similar issue (cat at the end of his life) Bear, over a year ago had what I could only call a Stroke. He woke us up screaming. He could not move and would not stand up. Took him to the vet and by the time we got there the next morning, He seemed better was standing moving about slowly. He got better as the days went by. To make a long story short he continued to have the Strokes for a year. The worse one was when he was down unable to move for three days. We kept him in his box, changed his bedding and fed him wet cat food (1.00 a can) as the year went along he lost his sight and then his hearing and finally his sense of smell. All he wanted to do was sit by me in the chair and sleep. He was able to move (unlike Price) but with no sight and hearing he bumped around the house until one of use picked him up and set with him. After he lost his smell he could no longer find the litter box (he has been an indoor cat all his life). So (and I hope this does not diminish me in your eyes) we decided it was best that we have him put down. That day was the worst in my memory.

sledpress said...

There is a homemade design here.
done by a dog owner, but a quadruped's a quadruped, if you size things right.

Donna Barr said...

Thanks for all the advice, folks. I'm going to keep working on this. We're pretty certain he's fading -- his eyes have that look. But we want to always be there for him.

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