Monday, July 18, 2011

Only White Men Get Fish?

A local deputy is evidently going around telling other people who fish that I "feed the fish to a cat."  Is this gossip?  Why it pissed me off:

Yup.  Price.  Who wouldn't eat anything else.  Yeah, I'm doing a big sinful thing giving precious resources that belong only to these guys to a family member.  A member of my family who was dying.
And if I want to use the few fish I can catch to feed the heads to my cats, the bodies to me, and the scraps to the chickens -- if fact, if I want to use them to fertilize corn -- that's my business.

But evidently only white males are supposed to get anything in this country.

And yeah, make smart remarks about a cat I had to fight for since February to try to keep alive.  When I have a DSL account.  And a blog.


sledpress said...

one word... asshole.

He's really worried about the amount of fish one cat can eat?

Donna Barr said...

Like I said, EVERYTHING is supposed to be for white males. No Indians, no Chinese, no women, no cats. It's all for the Golden Penises.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

"She feeds fish to her cats" the UK someone would look at him strangely and probably respond "What-she should feed it stake?" or the more likely:"F*** off and get a life"

Tell people:"you know he eats doughnuts on top of his burger"

What a dick.

Donna Barr said...

Terry, you have an idea now of The American Attitude. It's like 1910 out here, and hunters and fishermen especially think they "own" all the animals in the world. Then again, they don't get prosecuted for "hunting accidents." Women in the woods are warned about the hunting season -- mostly because one of us killed for a deer would only be written off as an accident. I am not making this up.

Glenn said...


A couple of times when she was much younger my wife was on the receiving end of fools firing blindly into brush. Didn't hit her, but she once heard the "Crack!" of a close one. She turned the air blue, and sometimes wished she could have returned fire. Very sobering to have someone or something shoot back. These fools think the world is their target, and lately the impersonality of the video games makes it worse. I think their last thought will be something on the order of "what, don't I get another life?"


Donna Barr said...

A family from Idaho had a sign on the back of their camper: "Save 100 elk/Kill a wolf." No, I kid you not; they evidently think they're Scottish Lairds. The dad was pulling fish after fish out of what was basically a kid's beach -- and if he didn't want it he just left it to die on the beach (I had to do the rescue). WTF? Not even other animals get to eat, let alone other humans? Somebody explain this to me.