Friday, September 9, 2011

The Whole Film Crew Speaks Up

SR Bissette says what I've never had time to say in his blog posting, Looking for Magic Carpets.

I commented: "To all you writers: us drawn book authors are like the whole film crew. You’re just the guy with the script. And find THAT in the credits, if you can."


Javier Hernandez said...


Hello. I'm the guy who used your 'whole film crew' quote on Twitter the other day. To which you responded "And now go see the next one....".

Well, I went, I saw, and I smiled. Thank you for the example you and many other self-published cartoonists have set for us whipper snappers over the years.

Keeping my legs crossed and my eyes open,

Javier Hernandez

Donna Barr said...

Now I'm making smart-alecky comments at: That is, if they publish it. I got pretty snotty. And us old farts will hang in there, no matter what. Keeping my back up and my eyeballs crossed.

Glenn said...

In one of his essays Tolkien inveighs against trying to compare literature to theater or cinema. Where in the spectrum does drawn work fit?


Donna Barr said...

You're actually using Tolkien as an example to ME?? The guy claimed Britain had no mythology... oy.