Monday, April 2, 2012

Nerd Parties

Okay, we think we're such hot shit as marketers.  So how come we're not selling what we do like Tupperware™?

You just get some product - for now, you can clean out the dollar boxes at the local comics shop, invite the owner as a guest, put up some flyers, set out some cheese and crackers, and add 40% to the junk price.  Any you have left over, you can push off on the next nerd for their own party.

I didn't name Nerd Parties -- somebody else at the 2012 Emerald City Comicon did.  When I asked the Wacom rep about them, he blinked and said, "We could get a call from a nerd party and just show up and not even unload!"

My first nerd party, sold at the Prism Comics booth, was only $10.00 worth of backstock, a little stack I sold to an enthusiastic beauty in a cossack -- pardon, "Socialist," costume.  She's going to hold the first nerd party in Bremerton.  Oh, yeah -- THAT navy town.  I didn't even have to tell her the Nerd would come out of the woodwork.  She said they would.  Talk about guts.  She is now Nerd Commissar.

Another girl grabbed a $10.00 party pack.  Then I told another that if she got me a $20.00 nerd pack, I'd give her five dollars.  She dragged back a friend, who looked skeptical until we admitted the plot.  The party got bought and the five bucks got plowed back into the Prism booth.

If you want a nerd party yourself, get the Everything box from me -- I'll pack that puppy with backstock and you can make yourself some cash.  Just go to my website and hit the book store link.

What are you out?  You get a bunch of books for your party or yourself and your friends.  And you can make yourself some cash.

Some guy started throwing out complaints about how this wouldn't work, and I said, "Then get out of your girlfriend's way."

Maybe this could bring back the magazine comics we all love.  20 or 30 nerds in your stable, and you could do a print run.

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