Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Clallam Bay Drink and Draw

(Next Clallam Bay Drink and Draw is Sunday, July 21, 7pm to 9ish, at the Clallam Bay Inn Upper Room)

At Raincon, it was suggested we start holding Drink and Draws - the comics industry traditional meetings where we - well - drink and draw.

I'm the only one showed up for this first one, but the bar patrons were very supportive and interested. They were playing good, bluesy music on the big modern electronic thing that was too techy to be called a juke box. But I'll call it a juke box for want of a better name.

I had a pounder of the beautiful Pacific Pineapple cider, and finished this page.

Will putting up announcements on reader boards, and community announcements in local papers, every month.

Since I was the first attendee, I get to say when and where.

Every third Sunday of each month, 7:00 pm to 9ish, at the Clallam Bay Inn. No fee - just chip in for beer or whatever you want. If you want an APA - amateur press association minis - chuck in a few dollars for copies and layout.

If you're in the APA, I'm making sure an extra copy goes to the San Diego State University Love Library Special Collections. A place to store issues - and academic cred.

Clallam Bay Inn has also brought back waffle fries, by popular demand.

Tip your barkeep

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