Monday, March 23, 2020

Window Plants 2020

Sweet potato, potato, black tomato.
With everybody thinking about growing at least some of their own food, I'm posting photos of my window green house.

If anything makes it, it goes outside in a couple plots. 

The peppers are doing surprisingly well. I think these are from seeds one of my readers sent me.

The sweet potato is the one I used to clip starter sprouts from. 

Sweet potatoes, avocado, and ?

No clue. Fan sent it?
The black tomatoes are the continuing generations of tomatoes I rescued from a drie-out plant in a tiny plot at the edge of a small Capitol Hill park.

The avocado won't get much of a life. It's being grown for the leaves, that will be dried and ground for a kind of filé powder. It's related to sassafras.

Next to it is a plant I have no idea about. Another sent in by a reader probably. I'll plant any old thing, labeled or not.

The wild tobacco is mixed with leaves from alder, mint, coltsfoot and raspberry leaves. I have chronic bronchitis. Medicinal smoke helps keep my lungs from tipping into pneumonia.

Sweet potato sprouts, wild tobacco.
The aloe is because we have a wood stove, and if you have one of those, you get burnt once in a while. Grabbing a leaf and squeezing the gel onto the burn sure helps.

It's not a lot of gardening. Most of that is masses of kale in the garden. We cook it in everything, for iron and calcium. Marinated overnight, it makes good salad.

It's about all I can grow up here without a real struggle. Slip point has a cold, dry, salty wind all summer, and is too wet the rest of the year.

Hello, fellow brown thumbs in uncooperative environments, everywhere.

North American tobacco


West window.

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