Sunday, April 30, 2023

Olympic Collectibles Expo 2023

JD Sweet always puts on a nice little show at the Kitsap Mall. For some reason, it doesn't feel so exposed as so many mall shows do. I think it's because it concentrates in the central hallway, and the tables all come with fitted black floor-length covers. It gives it a concentrated, connected feeling. So here are some of the vendors and tables. 

There are two shows a year, one in April and one in November. Plenty of free parking at the Kitsap Mall. A nice little show, and one that adds to the world of comicons out here on the west end of Washington State.

You can see the artwork I did in thanks for SpankyLoco at Olympic Collectibles Expo, 2023 | Donna Barr on Patreon

SpankyLoco, presenting me with a print I admired. 

Melanie Kohn, the voice of Peanuts Lucy.

Comic.Rat, a good guy!

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