Tuesday, April 4, 2023

SquatchconPA 2023 - the second annual

These all showed up early on my Patreon account, so I can post them now. Here's the link that takes you to the podcast, the basic Squatchcon report, and the photos! SquatchConPA 2023, photos | Donna Barr on Patreon 

This might be a comparatively small even now, but it is a GEM. The plan is to take over the whole town of Port Angeles, Washington, out on the Olympic Penninsula. If you want table space or a room, you'd better get on it as soon as they have the links up at SquatchCon's website. It will always be held on the week before Easter - moveable feast!

Here is where I'm going to post some of my favorites, AND the Ka-Blam shirt, that gets me more print money. This time there are two photos - me showing the shirt at my shirt - and the young lady who bought the shirt! So now I'll have to get another shirt the show off at the conventions, where I tell folks about Ka-Blam being the only real POD printers for floppies (what are usually called "comics," in their earlier staple-spine form).

Me and the Ka-Blam shirt

The Ka-Blam shirt finds a new home!

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